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June 27, 2007 - 12:49 AM

Dear Sausages.

Around about 5 or so years ago I was stumbling back to my tent in the early morning of Glastonbury festival, I found a little Gem which captivated me with it's brilliance. Somewhere near the crossroads of the railway track and the path to the stone circle was a brightly coloured quartet playing wonderful music which kept me captivated way past my bed time (6.30amish???). It has always been one of my most favourite glastonbury moments ever and is a treasured memory.

Imagine my delight on Sunday morning just gone (when I had survived Iggy Pop's stage invasion, a night of lavish debauchery in Lost Vagueness and found myself prancing around in the New York Gay Disco til the sun had well and truly come up..)to walk home again towards my tent in the drizzle and Lo and Behold, here are my beloved tune meisters, causing havoc by playing "Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes" with 30 grown adults laughing their danglies off in a tight semi circle around them.

I was caught captivated there for what must have been an hour by pure musical entertainment genius providing me with another genuine Glastonbury Moment.

When I finally decided to head back to my tent a tired tired little bunny I was shocked to find 2 pairs of wellies sticking out of my tent and giggling from inside.. no I didnt know them and yes they were doing what we think...

You have a secure little place in my heart forever.

( I washed your muddy Sun Glasses Mr Accordian man)

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